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Customers' reviews about Simplemeal.lk

Great verity of menu items to choose form. Definitely going to use this platform more.


I can be a customer and supply food for my customers at the same time


Great App works on my phone and my desk top, easy to use and friendly


I started by food supply business with simplemeal.lk, their partner app & platform is really useful with a full accounting package to help me out all free of charge


I thought starting my business will be difficult and I will have to hire staff to do my office part of the food business, but with simplemeal.lk it’s all part of one great deal. I can monitor my cost, my profit and see what products are doing well and so on it’s a great web platform


In my food operation, I make my food, and deliver to my customers; simplemeal.lk provides me the opportunity and the required IT resources on their platform for me to be my own master. Thank you simplemeal.lk


You can select exactly what you want and form whom you want it form. I like home cooked meals and simplemeal.lk gives it to me.


Buying form the shops these days are a bit dangerous, and I don’t want to risk it with my kids! I can buy good home cooked food form simplemeal.lk at very reasonable prices


Home food/meals are cooked with love and kindness, I taste that in every bite when I order form simplemeal.lk

G. Fernando

Home food/meals are cooked with love and kindness, I taste that in every bite when I order form simplemeal.lk

G. Fernando

Shop food has so much oil and artificial stuff, sometimes it’s really scary! Simplemeal.lk is all about clean health home cooked meals, and that’s what I want for my family


Unlike other food sites, SimpleMeal.lk guarantees me a safe and cost effective meal. The let you know what your portion size is, and other things as food ingredients too. This is so great. I love it!


Simplemeal.lk is great to start a food business or sell your food items online . They allow you to market your own brand and even do you own delivery.


I started with simplemeal.lk as a single mom and now I have a growing business, thanks to simplemeal.lk and their web platform that allows partners like me to use their accounts ERP system all for free.


Simplemeal.lk has so much to offer its more than the ordinary food sites out there. It’s the latest hype!

Sanath. F

We are so fed-up with junk food out there in the market and online! Simplemeal.lk brings us our choice of home cooked simple food to our doorstep at a reasonable and affordable price.


What I love most about simplemeal.lk, is I can order for the whole month form my favourite lunch kitchen and not worry about cooking or buying lunch. It’s a real saving on the long run too, especially as a single working person


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