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Joining your local community, through us is easy; and you won’t regret you did. Get access to local community services and make your life a bit easier.
Want to take a break from cooking? Just search on line for our partners who offer home cooked meals and meal portions at very attractive prices. What's more you can just go and pick up your freshly cook meal or have it delivered to your doorstep.
Life just got a bit easier and economical too. With a busy schedule, strapped for time and short on change, the pressure is on. Take it easy, take a break! Order your meal through our platform and enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner. and if it’s only a snack you want? well we just make it simple.
Grab a loaf of bread or some strings on your way home, Ah! what about the curries? Keep it simple with a simple meal. Be a registered customer on our platform and get access to a wide range of home cooked dishes. The best part is you can order a portion for one person or two and if you have a big family just order your required quantity. All portion sizes are regulated and come in standard weight quantities.
Registering with us is simple, enter your detail in the required fields and sign up. We charge a onetime fee of 100/- rupees as an administrative cost. You won’t regret it. When you join up you immediately help uplift your local community.
Don't forget to click " I agree & accept' on the terms and conditions section, before you complete your registration.
Help your community and help yourself, this platform is designed and intended to foster individual and small-scale home catering folk in your community, there by giving them a chance to elevate their living standards and income levels. This platform also will support house wives and students and folks between employment to contribute to their local community and the overall economy in the long run.

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Be a part of our local community and help make things better for others. Your contribution will help you as well as others in their day to day lives.
In this day and age that we live in, most people who go out to work and as a result have very little time for their home/house work. Cooking meals at home or in your boarding, can be a big hassle and costly too. Time is the biggest issue. Buying food from out is expensive, unhealthy and sometimes unsafe. Here in our community platform we want to help out those who have such issues to better manage their life style as well as have a good home cooked meal at an affordable price. This is where you come in.
As a partner you can earn an income from home as you do your day to day chores. if you have a little time on your hands or when you are cooking for yourself or for your family you can cook for someone else too, and earn money as you do it. Join us and make life interesting and fun.
Each of us has our own special dish that we excel in, Jams, Chutney, cookies, curries, lump rice, Pasta or a biscuit pudding; that is your ticket to earn an extra income. Join us as a partner and help yourself while being of service to your community.
A simple meal is our concept and this is exactly what we want from you. We want to create a simple variety too, nothing too fancy, something that everybody can afford and enjoy at the same time.
We have a setup a list of product offering which includes varieties of dishes and desserts for breakfast, lunch and dinner, list of snacks and other accompaniments too are on offer. All you have to do is see what you are good at preparing and can supply to our customers when they place their order.
The process is simple
1. Sign in to our partner program and get your partner access
2. Read through our partner agreement and accept/agree
3. Enter your products and pricing as per the guide lines provided.
4. Receive and supply orders and cash in at the end of the week.
Monitor you progress - get access to your dash board and view your orders, see your customer ratings, and what you have earned for the day. There are much more benefits, like listed suppliers that you can source special discounted prices when you make a partner to partner purchases.
We provide you with your food costing app too, that will help you monitor and adjust your day to day operation and make it more profitable.
Notify customers when their order is ready with just one click - you have full control, let your customers know when their orders is ready, when their order is picked up and delivered.
Update your latest products and prices - let customers know if you have any special offers or promotions boost your sales by advertising with us, we help you get seen and recognized.
Cost your food for a better pricing strategy through our food costing apps and worksheet.
Join our awards and rewards programs and win the best chef of the year award or the clean kitchen award. Win service standards meddles from your customers, and be recognized in your community.

Joining or Startup fee

We charge a minimal start-up fee of just 100/- rupees to facilitate the processing of your information. This is a nominal onetime fee only.

Service charge

To facility and keep this platform afloat we charge a per sale commission of 15%, which you can including in your cost. This will be of no burden to you at all considering the service and befits you receive through our platform, such as free advertising, Wide reach, Professional working culture, Ease of administration and much more.

Other charges

Bank and credit card charges will be notified to you, this is a component you will have to bare and add to your production cost. Credit card charges from banks vary and you will be charged accordingly as per card provider. Usually this cost is between 1% to 3% a small price to pay of a sure transaction.


Please note that you will have to settle your own taxes and we will not be responsible. Also note that we are liable to any government agency or authority to furnish details about your income and sales that has taken place on our platform. Please keep in mind that we are obliged to give information regarding to your earnings if so requested by any authorized government body/department/agency.

Join as a Business Promotion Sector Partner - Link to registration

Our operation is segregated to local communities that fall within a particular geographical and demographical area that facilitates easy delivery and planning. Usually our communities are divided according to the population density and towns in a particular city or suburb as per their municipal boarders.
Join as a Premium partner and manage a sector or more if your think you can handle it.
Sector partners have an initial investment of 500,000 rupees
You will be entitled for a percentage of sales service charge that we charge our partners in your allocated sector, of course the lion share is yours.
What’s in it for you?
Well if you take a scenario where you take up sector partnership that has the potential to attract 10,000 uses as customers…….
# Out of the 10,000 users, say 1000 users purchase food from our partners.
# Assume a minimum meal purchase at the rate of 450/-
# This will result in a total revenue of 450,000/- LKR pre day
# This amount multiplied in to 30 day for the month will amount to 13,500,000/- LKRs
# If you cash in 5% of this value, you will have the potential of earning 675,000/- per month.
# Basically, you have covered your investment in one month.

On a less optimistic case scenario if we assume that only 100 customers purchased on a daily basis @ the rate of 450/- per meal then…..
# That will result in a per day revenue of 45,000/- LKR and a monthly revenue of 1,350,000/- LKR/
# If you cash in 5% of this value, you will have the potential of earning 67,000/- LKR per month.
# This will result in an annual income of 810,000/- LKR, covering your investment in a year.
Note: We think that you will need two years to build up your customer and partner base. Therefore, your investment can easily be covered in two years.

We usually charge our partners a 15% service charge per transaction, for the services we offer through our platform and for the use of our platform. This will include your 5% as well as web hosting cost. Web maintenance cost, Administrative cost, continuous development cost, overheads and other such cost and charges as well as our margins.
Your responsibilities are to get as much partners and customers to join and use the platform, the results are all up to you. Iif you do a good job you will benefit form the result.
Do you own promotions, boost your ads and views, link to FB and other social media and get more likes. Be innovative and creative. Speak with us and modify you dash board or make changes to how the site is operated its all up to you.
Help partners set up their operation. Guide them through the policies and procedures. Encourage families and friend to use our platform and you will see your money grow.

We have 5 main sectors
1. Sector 01 - Colombo – Colombo 01 to 15 Our largest most populous sector
Population – Residential –
Population – Transit –
2. Sector 02 – Dehiwala, Mount Lavinia, Rathmalana, Nugegoda
3. Sector 03 – Kotte, Nawala, Ragiriya, Maharagama, Malabey
4. Sector 04 – Moratwa, Pilliandala,
5. Sector 05 – Wattala