Welcome to SimpleMeal

About Us

What we do -

1. We are in the business of providing cost-effective portioned meals to our customers living close to us and our partners.

2. We want to create a “Reach out in to our Neighborhood” concept where we can better serve the folks living in close vicinity to us and our partners.

3. The thinking behind this entire operation is to provide a cost-effective meal portion produced by our local community and offer it to you for your convenience.

4. Families and individuals can offer what they are good at making and list it with us to create a community cooked meal just for you.

How we operate -

1. Our partners in your nearby communities join hands with us by complying to a few of our fundamental ideologies.

Affordability is number one

All our partners come under the maximum affordable retail pricing. That is, we; through our market research and customer surveys and investigations, determine the maximum retail price that our partners can sell their creations. This is to ensure that our customers get a fair meal portion at a fair price. This does not mean that we ask our partners to sell at a loss, we ensure that every one gains and everyone wins. We advise our partners on how to produce their meal offering to you by reducing their cost of production and improving their efficiency, as well as how they can bring down their own home/family food cost in the process

It’s all about helping each other

Sustainability is the key. We believe that you have your financial commitments as well as time commitments that tend to sometimes limit your options when it comes to your meals. When you join us as a partner or as a customer you become part of our local community and in a community, people help people. Families help families. Our operation is not oriented on profits and our customers are not oriented on gains. What goes around should come around.

Focus on what you are good at

Commit to what you are good at. We want all our partners to commit to what they can really do well and excel in. This way you are happy of what you make, and it’s off no effort at all to get the job done. If you are good at cooking something tasty and simple then just do it. Your community will love you for it. If you can make something extra let us know, and list it online with us. – Join Community Button.

A Tasty meal

Range or variety is not the focus here, it is the specialty - what our partners' friends and family feel they are great at making! We give our partners a chance to make what they are good at. This way you are guaranteed of a tasty meal prepared with love and dedication. This is the true concept of a home-made meal. Congratulate or complement our partners if you enjoyed their preparation/s and make them feel appreciated and noticed.

We create opportunities

Partners such as house wives, school leavers, students, retired folks or if your in-between jobs, well here’s your chance to work from home and earn a few extra rupees to support you and your family. Get the satisfaction of working from home and helping out your local community by preparing a hot home cooked simple meal.

Concept -

Our Web platform strives to help the local community around you. Help your community and help yourself. This platform is designed and intended to foster individual and small-scale home catering folks in your community, there by giving them a purpose, a chance to elevate their living standards and income levels. This platform also will support house wives and students and folks between employment to contribute to their local community and the overall economy in the long run.

Our platform will strive to achieve the following:

1. Local food for our local community.
2. Cost effective pricing of our listed portions that will help you bridge your food budget and time availability on those busy days.
3. Take away or home delivery options. We strongly recommend take away/pick up, since we are close to you, pick up your order on your way home or during your daily walk.
4. Simple, economic and hygienic packing solutions. Bring your own containers and save on packing cost.
5. It's a simple and affordable meal that's just it! nothing fancy, just to get you by the week and ease your stress of cooking.
6. There are good days and bad days, lets learn to bear a few shortcomings in good sprit. After all we are all one community.

Who we are-

We are a host platform that facilitates our partners to bring their special dishes to you. We are a community liaison platform that brings your local community virtually together when it comes to meal time.

Local partners prepare your advance order as per listed offerings and will have it ready for collection or delivery.

Certain dishes may be available within a very short period, but we strictly recommend that you order in advance and reserve your portions.

When your order is ready you will be notified via email and SMS.

We are a community of partners. Our partners are house wives, students, specialty chefs and very small home-based food order suppliers close to your neighborhood. Each of our partners has one or more special and tasty dish/s to offer to you. Each of our partners has their own negotiated listing that offers their unique and special mouthwatering dishes to you, through our web platform, bringing our community closer together.

Our patterners are listed in an area wise operation model. When you register and search for a simple dish on our website, you will be first directed to our partners closest to you. If you think that the variety is not to your taste, you can search outside your neighborhood for variety and choice options. Just remember the further you are from our partners, the higher your delivery cost and time taken to deliver. If that is not a problem, by all means just go-ahead and order a simple meal.

All our partners are in agreement to follow our policies and procedures when it comes to food processing hygiene. All our partners sign up for a social responsibility program & policy ensuring your home cooked meal is safe for consumption. We have made it clear to our partners that they are responsible for the hygiene of their cooked/ prepared meals. You can take a look at a walk-through video of our partners cooking facilities by following the links below.