Welcome to SimpleMeal


Our Standards -

1. Symbiosis
We facilitate community coexistence - Partners and customers to come together with a win - win simple meal.

2. Keep it simple
Simplicity is our biggest standard.

3. Menu
Home cooked simple meals, is our drive. We don’t have elaborate menus, and that’s’ just the way we want it. Our platform is not about that, it’s about simple things in life that don’t cost much. Just grab some thing for dinner or lunch. Short of a curry or two, need only a rice puller to get you by, well that’s what we are here for. We offer through our platform something simple that’s all.

4. Pricing
Portion pricing may change form partner to partner for the same dish on listings. We have allowed our partner to price their portions as per their own unique recipes, the quality of ingredients used and so on. We also have placed a maximum retail price that each of our partner can price up as per a particular food dish or portion, based on the food category, portion size and variations that may apply.

5. Hygiene
Your meals will be prepared hygienically by our partners as would be in any decent home. Walkthrough our partners kitchen/s (linked to video). We have special online virtual training for our partners that takes them through acceptable standards that have to be maintained at all times.

6. Order preparation
Our partners need a few days to prepare your order and plan their work. After all this is a home-based operation and not a full-time food supply operation. Give our partners who are house wives, school leavers, retired senior citizens and such home bound folk a chance to get this ready for you. We recommend planning your meal, use our “Plan my meal” – Link to Meal Plan - options to better organize your self and help us be of better service to you. Did you know planning save time and money – get tips on how to plan your day and time manage – Link to ARG time management

7. Packing
Hygienically packed, is are only packing standard. Packaging will differ from partner to partner and we encourage recyclable and eco-friendly packaging. Please try and take your containers along with you when you go to pick up your meal. This will be a very sustainable way forward, although a bit cumbersome at times. Our Partners are encouraged and reminded constantly on the cleanliness of packing and dispatching cooked food, but take care and be watchful. Please bring any issues directly to the partner (source). Call our partners and get your issues addressed.

8. Collection of orders
We have an alerting system that will let you know via SMS and email when your order/s is ready for collection.

When you have paid for your order your confirmation receipt too will be sent to you via SMS and e-mail. Use your QR Code that is sent to you or your order number when collecting your order form our partners. Make sure to click collected on your app once you have collected your order and rate our partners for their services and attitude. – Link to rating page - Our partners will ask for confirmation of your order, just show your order number on your mobile phone or let them scan your QR Code - it is that simple. We always recommend you to personally collect your order to avoid any issues that may arise by sending a third party. This way you build up a better relationship with people in your community making this much nicer for all.

9. Delivery
We have a mixed delivery option available for you, if you are not able to collect your order personally. When you select the delivery option you also agree that there may be issues in delivery times and order mix-ups. Delivery is not a service this platform offers, but a convenience at your request. Please note that we nor our partners are liable for issues arising from you using the delivery options provided on the web platform.

9.A Partner delivery options – Some of our partners that provide food orders to you may at certain times offer to deliver your order to you. If you are in agreement with their terms and conditions by all means go ahead. You can rate our partner delivery services too and let people in the community know how good their service was.

9.B Third Party Delivery – We have created the option for you to select and engage a third-party delivery service. We have selected fairy reliable and well known parties for this activity but, here too we want to remind you that we do not take any responsibility for any issues arising from such delivery service providers. If you are in agreement with their terms and conditions by all means go ahead. You can rate our partner delivery services too and let people in the community know how good their service was.

10. Payments
We only except card payments as a rule. So, go out there and get your self a debit card or a credit card. You can start an account with us and pay up front for your future orders and booking. Please note that we do not offer any services on credit. As it is it takes us a few days to settle our partners. We try our best to keep the cash flow going as most of our partners will require a regular inflow of cash to keep their business going.

11. Rating
We have a rating system that takes our partners off our site if ratings get low. – Link to rating page – Our rating system is a 360-degree system that keeps our customers and partners appraised of how they maintain standards.

11.A Platform rating – We rate our partners on the following area of importance that we believe that will maintain standards and a level of expected quality.

11.B Training sessions participated – We conduct online training through video conferencing and other online methods. Our training concentrates on hygiene in food preparation and storage, food costing and accounting, order planning and meeting deadlines, Customer service and complaint management, on time delivery etc. Partners participation on these sessions are given ratings on the number of training participated and on the frequency of training

11.C Quality check walk through – Our partners need to on routine post videos of their operation and kitchen tour videos on our platform for anyone to see. This way customers can rate our partners on cleanliness and hygiene aspects that they see should be improved and contribute to the overall rating of our partners. Our platform too rates partner kitchen tour videos updates their overall rating.

11.D Product rating – Customers can go back to their app and rate the meal they had give constructive feedback to our partners. A simple vary bad, bad, OK, Good and very good rating on food taste is available. You can rate on the quantity and weight of the portion and other aspects as packing, delivery, friendliness and overall service is available too. Your comments go straight to our partners for them to take on points for improvement.

11.E Compliance rating. – Partners that get themselves certified through government bodies for food safety and standards get special ratings that move them up in the point scheme. Customers can see the partner rankings and make a choice on which partner to go with when making their order.

11.F Customer rating – Partners too can rate their customers. On politeness, friendliness or offensiveness. If customers are poorly rated by partners regularly our platform will remove such customers from interacting with our partners or give warning ratings to partners when such customers are ordering. Customers will also be rated on the frequency of purchase and receive discounts and special offers.

11.G Supplier rating by Partners – Our partners can rate their suppliers and raw material vendors here in our platform. The quality of supplies, timely delivery, credit offered, availability of items etc. All partners can view the supplier’s ratings on their partner account supplier page and assess the select suppliers that they can order from.

11.H Partner rating by Suppliers – Suppliers too can rate their partners and partners will be notified individually through their notifications and dash boards in the partner account page. Partners with poor rating from suppliers will be evaluated for removal after a formal investigation in to the issues.